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Hot Tips of Office Setup

The very first step to planning your office is to estimate how many people will be work in this office? Let start with a small company of 20 people. Now we need to calculate how big your office should be. In tier1 countries, an office is comfortable if it is based on a ratio of 20-25 square meters per person (215 - 270 ft² per person). In the countries of eastern Europe, conditions are much more modest. An excellent working space is up to 20 square meters per person, a comfortable space with a ratio of 11-15 m2/p (118-160 ft²/p). Some call centers successfully operate in offices up to 8 m2 per person (86 ft²/p). This decision must be made based on your budget and the desire to motivate your employees.

Ok! The next step is to make a list of all the required rooms. 
The minimum list of requirements for a modern office for 20 people:
  • Kitchen
  • Restroom (men and women)
  • Open space
  • CEO room
  • Finance team room
  • Conference hall
  • Skype room ( 1 or 2 )
  • Lounge
  • Reception 
  • Storage

With these parameters, you can contact realtors. There can be 2 options :
  • looking for a ready-made office that fulfills the requirements
  • reconstruction of an office with a free layout to suit ALL your needs.

The first option is much cheaper, but you may have to compromise with the office of your dreams.
Realtor services are usually from 0.5 to 1 equivalent to a monthly lease. 

The second option is more expensive and requires the involvement of designers and contractors.
In this case, the development of a concept and plan cost about 5% of the total budget. The full design project may cost 10% more, but it's optional. The repairs and decor cost is approximately 60% of the total budget. And last but not least, furniture and appliances are 25 % more.

How much does an R&D office cost in Ukraine?

At the beginning of 2021 in Kyiv, the rental rate for class A offices was in the range of $ 25–35 per 1 sq. m. per month, the rental rate for class B offices is in the range of $ 15–25 per 1 sq. m. per month.
In Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, a class A office before quarantine could be rented for $ 20-23 per sq. m, class B - about $ 13-15 per 1 sq. m. per month.
Prices are indicated for premises without working furniture (table, armchairs, wardrobes). Typically, this price includes kitchen furniture and bathroom fixtures.

Comparing these prices, it becomes obvious that it is very profitable to open R&D offices in Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria. Many campaigns already did it. If you decide to open an office in Ukraine too, you can always contact us to consult you.

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