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Maybe it's not AI that your business needs?

One of the most booming areas nowadays is AI and it's usage across the board. Even though scientists not sure if we ever be capable of creating Artificial Intelligence and what is AI, media and people are following this hype to tell how some "extraordinary" achievements based on this technology (even if it's not so). A lot of companies and startups boggle customers with usage of AI even on domain name level to chase more investments and profits, but not to create one simply because their technology is not about Artificial Intelligence! But let's stand aside from this hype and look at what are the actual things businesses want to get from this area of knowledge. Maybe it is something that exists already but named properly for its usage?
Big data processing & warehousing 

We are creating enormous amounts of data and yes, it looks like it can become the next oil. Leads, customers, orders, LTV traction, costs, productivity, time management, workload, user behavior and much much more is saved, stored and ... used in 3% of cases. Here is a small trick on how to save 300$ for consulting to data science architect: after all, he will say that you need to gather and store data in a proper way. Then there are two ways: either hire DevOps and setup database (cloud or hard) and spend a decent amount of money or use spreadsheets with moderate success, because it is simply can't provide you with powerful analytical output. But there is a way to keep balance and take most of each approach. A variety of open-sourced or reasonably priced solutions like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, alteryx, KNIME, Looker and others will enable you all-new analytics & data storage possibilities, leaving behind Exel and saving money compared to DevOps approach.

OK, if so - we began to store and gather data. What next? Usually, you would like to use them, often in decision-making. The good thing is you don't need to hire any data scientist (or AI scientist) to process all of this data and provide an output. Skilled Data Analyst is the exact role that can handle this - he will research and study your industry, interpret data & patters, and present it in clear visual cases.

Such specialists and services come with no fancy words but drive real results and extremely cost-effective.

Our team provides a wide range of data analysis services and add up offshore benefits on top of it. But even more with comfortable English communicating skills. We work on outstaffing, T&M or direct hiring basis, but you can also reach us regarding team training.
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