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At Creative Cooperative consultancy, we create the most effective bridge between your needs and cost-effective resources to achieve your next milestone.
Sourcing RnD teams & individuals
Fueling businesses with the biggest network of talents in Eastern Europe. Either you need exact professional to fulfill your team, or you need team capacity to solve your task — we're here to help you.
Marketing & Reputational consulting
Fight back those informational attacks on your company, project or persona. We empower you with extremely professional team who will make most of the dirt and blackmailing information disappear from the Web.
Design & Branding
We partner with talented individual designers so you could work directly with them, or you can work with our award-winning design & architecture teams. In any case, be prepared for excitement, as our output always exceeds your expectations.
Mobile & Web development
Our teams with huge experience in web portals and mobile applications always ready to run your project from scratch to launch and then provide you with continuous support. Even if you have just an idea we will turn it into a structured project.
Market research
Exceptional marketing background of our team & partners is always here for you. Knowledge is a key, and data drives modern world, so we go deep, examine the domain of your area of interests, learn what's on the surface, grab insider information and put specific data on that. After we process the whole information and ready to make decisions and suggestions for you to success.
Engineering anything
From engineering to prototyping to production — a wide range of hardware & devices is ready to be born with the help of our engineers. Be ready to explore the extreme value of our job.
Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what's right.
— Theodore Roosevelt

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