AdTech: 5 reasons to open back office in Ukraine
Use Ad operation or Analytics specialists from Ukraine
You could hire a team of high-quality specialists much cheaper than in your country.

The average salary of analysts or ad ops managers is 2-2.5 times less in Ukraine than in the USA.
Variety of highly qualified specialists
79% of Ukrainians obtained higher education, and 57% of IT specialists have STEM degrees.

A wide variety of specialists with experience at local and international DSPs, SSPs and medium or large networks.

Easy scalability
We create training programs and certification programs for working with platforms such as DoubleClick, SpotX, Beachfront, Adtelligent, SpringServe, LKQD, Cedato, Aniview, Smartyads, Appnexus, etc. for new Adops specialists.

Additionally, new analysts, in addition to impressive analytical abilities and advanced knowledge in MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, are trained to work with Google Analytics, Alteryx, KNIME, Tableau, MATLAB.

Direct contracts with an employer
No need to establish a local company to legally run services at the start.

Transparent bank transactions for officials. Preferential taxes with a 5% Tax Rate for the IT sector.

No need to hire employees for a long-term contract (employee can be laid off with a 2 weeks notice without fines).
Cultural similarity
Ukraine is the geographical center of Europe.

33% of Ukrainians know English as a second language, 13% know German, 8% French.

3+ million Ukrainians have experience at international companies.

Optimization traffic sources to increase revenue and margin
Regular checking the discrepancy with demand and supply values
Finding the reason for the discrepancy
Verifying the traffic quality per source/domain/ip, etc.
Brand safety investigation, generating necessary reports
Block and White lists developing
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