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About the team
We know this amazing company because of joint cooperation in other projects where they have proven their highest competency and skills.
We are IT-dedicated branch of international lawyer company which serves top IT companies around Eastern Europe. Our team is capable and proven to deliver astonishing and effective results. Having more than 150 lawyers with own domain of expertise ensures that you will always have someone who can carry on.
IT companies
Corporate structuring and taxation , Intellectual property, R&D office registration, Investments and M&A, Confidentiality and personal data protection, Business protection, Due Diligence, Contract law, Dispute resolution
Confidentiality and personal data protection, Licensing and regulatory authorities relations, Intellectual property, Implementation and optimization of KYC/AML/CFT standards, Cyber-accident protection, Investments and M&A, Contract law
Confidentiality and personal data protection , Tax and Customs Disputes, Intellectual property, Consumer Protection issues, Cyber-accident protection, Contract law, Corporate structuring and taxation, Opening bank and payment systems accounts, Dispute resolution
Due dilidience
Deep analysis of your IT business, Risk assessment for investors, Risk mitigation for business owners
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