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Dozens of companies across the World set up Research & Development offices outside of their countries. And it seems obvious, as globalization & technology made it easy and simple. Benefits of offshore R&D are also well known, though we believe it's good to list them over:

Reduce Capital Costs
Turn Fixed Costs into Variable Costs
Invest More in Revenue-Earning Activities
Increase Efficiency
Cut Labor Costs
Only Do What You Do Best
Be More Competitive
Risk Mitigation
However, when you'll start to consider where to set up your R&D office you'll find a lot of complicated questions and a few possible drawbacks of setting them up in the wrong place. This is where we do our best. We won't push you to the only place we work but define the best place for your own needs after the interview. If we see that we have the right place to set up your new R&D facility we will cover this process in the best possible fashion. Our services here include, but even not limited to:
Overall project preparation
Detailed estimates before the launch
Legal consulting and setup
Align your operations with local law
Real estate search and negotiation
Get best value locations on the market
Office interior project & design
See your office before we build it
Furniture production & selection
Tailored solutions for any project
Employee search & hiring
Fill your office with stars!
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